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Product FAQ

Do you have questions about our products, how they work or how to use them correctly? Let us answer all of your questions and concerns. No question is too simple or too risqué for our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly product specialists to handle. Go ahead and ask, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!

When you can use Mr. Thick Dick? Before having sex or just for having a big dick?

Can I use Rock Hard cream if my girlfriend is pregnant?

I have bought a pipedream item number PD1370-21. Is their any risk for the health of my wife while she is using the toy? Exist a list with the other materials items? Thank you for your answer!

Is the Roto-Bator Pussy loose enough for wide girth men? Thank You -Tom P.

Is the deep throat numb spray safe to use whilst pregnant?

I would like to know who is the model on the RD249 (Kinky Kornhole). Thanks!

Which vaginal canals are wider? The Fuck Me Silly 2 or the Double-D Masturbator? What is best for a wide girth? Thanks!

The pussy pump we got seems not to be the shape of her pussy and therefore no suction. It seems too big. Should it still work?

Hi Pipedream, my Double-D Masturbator's vagina is torn. How do you fix that? Thanks. 

My wife and I just bought the Real Feel Lifelike Toyz No. 1. She loves the feel of it. It felt like velvet when we took it out of the box. What is the proper way to clean and dry this so that it maintains that velvety feeling?

The secret to keeping that lifelike feeling is to simply use Fanta Flesh Revive powder! Sprinkle the powder on your Real Feel vibe just after cleaning it with toy cleaner and warm water to maintain that wonderful softness. 

What are the inside dimensions for the Rubba-Wear Penis Pants? And could it be used in the same way as a hollow strap on? 

I bought the One Touch Vibrating Cockring that uses 2 LR41 button cells. I unscrewed it and everything fell out. Not sure how to insert parts/batteries as there are no markings on the cover.

Hi, I've read all the FAQ but I need some info about cleaning the Fuck Me Silly. I've read about warm water and toy cleaner but I still don't undestand how. Do you use a glass of water and fill one hole? Or you use some other methods? You need to put toy cleaner inside water and mix it? Or just inside holes? Please be specific if you can. Thanks.

I am from India. I need one of your products for my personal use. Can you send this product to me without any problem of Custom Department? Please advise so that I can order the same. In how many days I shall received the product? Thanks.

Hi! My girlfriend is a true size queen and we are very interested in your lines of hollow strap-ons but we are having trouble finding information. I don't have any ED issues at all but I would really love to participate in her love of size at a deeper level. Do the inner sleeves come out of the bigger products, like the Extreme Hollow Strap-OnHollow 10" Strap-OnHollow 12" Strap-On, or the Big Daddy Hollow 10" Strap-On? Do you have any more videos or pictures of the inside etc. Our biggest concern is me being able to use it and enjoy it, there is no way I would fit inside it with the hard plastic inserts there and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be comfortable. I was thinking of removing the hollow insert tube and putting myself with some lube inside. Any thoughts or some more info would be greatly appreciated :)

Is there a link or a PDF listing all of the different materials you use for your products explaining their composition and care/cleaning instructions? Thanks!

I am looking for a very large black dildo for my girlfriend and me to use, but she's very allergic to latex. Are there any that look lifelike, but aren't latex?

How do I take apart the Cocksucking Champ Masturbator to clean it? Is there a way to take the sleeve off to clean it separately so I don't risk the rest of the device getting wet?

Compre el producto Pipedream Extreme Toyz See-Thru Sorority Snatch. lo puedo usar a diario? Como lo limpio? Es seguro el material con el que esta echo pues cuando lo uso no me coloco condon? Gracias!


I bought the Pipedream Extreme Toyz See-Thru Sorority Snatch. Can you use it daily? How do I clean it? How safe is the material, because when I use it I put on a condom. Thanks! 

I'm on the large side and I was wondering how I could stretch or loosen the canals on the Fuck Me Silly 2 or other masturbators? Thank you!

I recently bought the Basix Rubber Worx 6" Dong and I have been using it to practice deep throating. Is it safe to use it for this purpose? I have noticed since I have started that some of the areas of the dildo have lightened and the website says the dildo is made out of PVC, which is apparently not healthy. I feel slightly sick after practicing with it, but that could just be in my head. Would it be safer if I put a condom over the toy before I deep throated it? Let me know what you think, please!

How do I return a defective product?  

Where can I buy Pipedream products in México? I am especially interested in the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck My Hard Cock.

Como se usa la bomba Pump Worx Mega-VAC Power Pump ya que lubrico el pene la prendo si empieza a crecer pero al sacarlo lastima y se vuelve pequeño me envías las instrucciones de uso en español por favor.

Feeling really stupid but I bought the Neon Luv Touch Mini Mite and I'm having the worst time getting the batteries in with the metal piece inside of it. I know it's supposed to make contact but it just isn't working. Please help! Thank you.

I am looking for a strapon that is at least 7 inches in length but only an inch or less in diameter. Do you sell such a product or know of a company that does?

Can you use lube with stuff that makes your dick harder like Rock Hard Power Cream

I have seen illustrations of your Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators. It appears to be a pair of plastic domes to fit over female breasts of a certain size and shape, and creates a vacuum to suck up the nipples, preparing them for the stimulators. 

Could a male adapt this device to create a vacuum and to bring the spinning stimulators into contact with his nipples? There is a large market waiting for male nipple stimulators that are exciting and erotic. Plain vibration is not exciting or erotic. 

What kind of lubricant can I and can not use with my Basix Rubber Worksproduct? And how should I take care of it (save it, clean it, and any other advice) so it keeps its texture and quality for as long as possible? 

How do I put the batteries into my P.E. Silicone Vibe? I used test batteries at the store and it worked, but when I got home to put my own batteries in it would not turn on no matter what combination.

I got your pina colada Spanish Fly. What are the side effects? Is it okay for pregnant women? 

I would like to know if the Neon Jelly Stroker is made with phthalates? I just got it and I want to know if it would be better to use with a condom.

How do you use Anal Eaze? Put it on your penis or what? 

I have a Pump Worx pump and the rubber part where you insert your penis is splitting. Where can I get one?

Is it okay to put the Titty Fuck-Her completly under water? And is it possible to put it in hot water to make the tits and the inside become hot?

How do you dry the insides of the PDX Fuck Me Silly mega masturbator?  

Do ya'll sell the Hannah Harper Doll with all the moving parts (legs, arms, head, etc.), and how much can I buy her for?

Do I need to have a boner when I use a penis pump?

Hi, I was wondering if I can clean my Fetish Fantasy Elite vibrating dildo with soap and water or if it's better to clean it with toy cleaner.

I wanted to ask you a question about the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Bad Girl Vibrating Ass. I was looking at the older model which had a sample of a temporary butterfly tattoo. I just wanted to ask you before I do anything when I recieve the new one, if I could buy a temporary tattoo and put it on it? Or does this new make of the old version not have the option to do so? Thanks for your time. Sorry if the question is unclear.

I bought a Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit and the control unit doesn't work the way we want. We put in new batteries, switched it on and the display showed all the symbols for a moment. After that we saw the clock, the body, and three mode symbols. We can change between the "hands" and the region on the body but that's all - it doesn't start and we can't switch between slow and fast. Nothing happens. We tried another control unit and it was the same. 

Pretty please, can you send us a detailed instruction manual? Thank you so much. Greetings, Morticia.

I purchased your Sensual Comfort Strap-On, used it last night, and my wife loved it! I have an ED problem so that's why I purchased it. I love the harness and how easy it is to use. What I'd like to know is if you make different hollow dongs that can be used with this strap. 

Thank you for your time and for getting my sex life back! 

I have a Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator. What lubricants can I use? 

Where/how do I put the 1 AA batteries at in the Neon Jr. G-Spot Softee?

How do I operate the shock therapy butterfly stim. There were no instuctions on how to use the settings controler.

What is the name of the applicator, looks like a pen syringe, that is used to insert lube in one's ass? 

My wife doesn't know when she gets off and when she does, it is really hard to get her off. I want her to squirt so hard and know she is having an orgasm. Any help?

How do I use a pussy pump? 

My wife and I bought the Love Lounger and wanted to know if you have other vibrators that fit on the machine?

How long do I warm up my Icicle in the microwave? How do I cool it?

When does the Juicy Jewels contest winner on tumblr get picked? 

How many times can I use the Potent Developer penis pump? Daily or weekly?

Why don't you make or sell the Ready 4 Action Masturbator Sleeve anymore? Where can I buy one?

How do you clean the inside of the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Bad Girl Vibrating Ass? How do you get the holes dry? Is there a video on how to clean it and care for it?

How does the remote and bullet work on the Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Remote Control Vibrating Panties?  

Do products with "Made in China" on the box contain phthalates?

Hi, I like doing sex toy reviews and was wondering how to go about that. 

Is it okay to get off without him inserting his penis?

I rubbed lotion on my Titty Fuck-Her and now it's a bit sticky. How can I make it feel smooth like skin again? What is the actual material? 

I used a pussy pump on my girlfriend and the last pump hurt her. Now only one of her lips is swollen up really bad. Could a pussy pump cause any harm?

Is it true that the original Peter Piper glass dildo pipe has been discontinued? I am trying to find a place to purchase this. Thanks a bunch!

My concerns pertain to issues that I can not discuss in this manner. I am in need of a phone number or email address in order to contact someone in charge at Pipedream. When I access the "contact us" link, it only takes me to order forms. I am a consumer and have a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with.

My Mega Fuck Slut is a bit discolored from the lingerie it wears. Do you think there is a way to get the color off without destroying the surface? Soap does not work. 

I have the Pipedream Pump Worx Accu-Meter Power Pump. When I remove the tube from the cylinder, how do I get one of the other ends off to clean the cylinder? Or do they not come off and I just run water with a cleaning agent through and wait to dry?

Hi, I bought the Icicles No. 4 -- how do I get it to vibrate without having to hold down on the on button, and what is the mode button for?

I just bought a Pipedream Pump Worx and it does not work. The store where I bought it does not want to give me a refund or exchange and I am vexed!!! $34.00 + tax!

Regarding item RD156 -- I was wondering what material it is made out of and whether it's guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe. I'm very health conscious and have been reading about phthalates and other toxic hazards in sex toys, especially if they're labeled as being a "novelty product". Thanks.

I have a penis pump that is 7" long and 2" wide and was wondering if there is a bigger tube I could buy that also has a masturbator end on it.

Does the Neon Luv Touch Ribbed Slim have a latex-type coating? Is it safe for latex allergies?

Is there a diagram for the different placement positions for the Shock Therapy pads?

Regarding your Basix Rubber Works dildos -- one website says they are made with TPR, another says rubber, another says Sil-a-Gel, and your website says PVC. If truly PVC, is it made with any phthalates at all? If not, then why does it smell as described so widely?

I bought the Wall Bangers Masturbator and don't know how to turn it on or which way the batteries go in.

Is it safe to use Shock Therapy devices with low voltage on my penis or testicles? I have a unit at home that I use on my back and was only curious if that is safe. Thanks!

How do you use the Metal Worx Luv Plug? Does the curve go towards the front of you or the back?

Do you have a strap-on penis extender that feels like a vagina inside?

Can we purchase a new set of wires for our Shock Therapy

What size panties or thong will perfectly fit the Fuck Me Silly Petite RD259 or RD259-23?

1.What size bra will perfectly fit the new Mega Fuck Slut RD177? A 36DD?

2. What size panties or thong will perfectly fit the new Mega Fuck Slut RD177?

3. When will a black fantaflesh version be available for the new Mega Fuck Slut RD177?

4. Plus are considering adding a Petite version of the Mega Fuck Slut in either black & flesh skin tones?

Who is the model for the RD174-23, Black?

Do you have anything to spice up me and my bf's sex routine? Thank you :)

After years of trying to talk my hubby into letting me use a strap-on with him, he agreed! So I went to a local toy shop where I saw your Strapless Strap-On With Anal Stimulator and came home ready! Sadly, it did not stay in as promised on the box. I called the store and they can't take it back. Holidays and all, $70 was steep, but wth! I've been waiting for years... and he too. I emailed and got an initial response, but I see no other way to make it work! HELP!! HORNY AND DON'T WANT HIM TO LOOSE INTEREST! Any suggestions?

I've never used a penis pump before. I am a diabetic and thought I would try your Pipedream Pump Worx. I'm trying to figure out how to use the cock ring with it -- do I put it on the base of the pump before I put the pump on my penis? How do I slide the ring off without the black plastic that my cock goes through at the base of the pump coming off? I put the lube on that came with the pump on the end of the pump with the black plastic before I slid my cock in. Is this correct? HELP! Frustrated in Orlando!

Hi, I have purchased the Mega Stretch Penis Extension and am having trouble fitting it onto my penis. Can it be stretched to fit over the penis? Is there supposed to be a hole in the end? Can you use lubricant? Appreciate your help, thanks.

If I were to put leggings or stockings onto a Fuck Me Silly 3, what size should I get?

What are the differences between the Liquid Love and Body Heat warming massage oils? Is there an ingredient list? I love my Body Heat lotion, but I need to know if I'll love Liquid Love just as much. Thanks!

Is the Metal Worx Cock Cage meant to be used for a short period of time (such as 20 minutes) or can it be used for a more extended period of time (hours or days)? 

Are there side-by-side pictures to compare the Fuck Me Silly and Fuck Me Silly Petite? The pictures provided on the site and the internet are too vague.

My fiance just bought me the Glitz. Its our first toy together and I just want to know the most effective way to use it... it didn't come with instructions.

Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me the waist size of the following product. I am very wide around the hip area & my waist isn't the smallest, but I am very interested in the product. Thanks. PD3353-23 Black Leather Crotchless Strap-On with Dildo

What is the Waterproof Wall Banger made of? Is it multi-speed and, if so, how do you access other speeds? Also - what's the best way to clean after use?

Hello Sexperts!

A customer of ours had some very good questions about the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing Stand. Here's what he had to say: 

I was wondering if the 400lb weight limit was purely on the central ring at the cross bar or distributed among it and the two rings on the diagonals? If not, what are the ratings on these rings and are they driven straight through the bars? Can these smaller rings be positioned on different bars?

What specific ladies sizes equate to the Diva and Queen sizes of your lingerie?

I bought the Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator and it's a great toy! Since Halloween just passed, I bought a few wigs at half price to change her look. How do I keep her hair from falling? A few strands of her original hair came off right when I took it out of box! 

How do you use a penis pump?

Who is the girl on the Pipedream Extreme Crystal Cunt?

Who is the actress in the Pipedream Extreme Toyz videos?

I have a question about cleaning your Fanta Flesh products, like the Fuck Me Silly and Fuck My Big Fat Titties. You suggest to use cornstarch powder to "revive" the toys after use. So do I - it is amazing how soft they feel after that. Still I was wondering - should I wash them also BEFORE action? When I do, they lose their softness and feel sticky during action, which does not feel good at all. If I don't wash them before action, the feeling is really soft, but I'm getting white traces on me and action in both holes feels awkward due to an accumulation of residual powder with the lube (it's kind of a paste in the end). What do you suggest? Thanks for your help!

How soon can you have sex after applying Mr. Thick Dick?

How do I turn on the Classix Mini Vibe?

How does one use the Beginner's Power Pump? 

Where did the mold for the Fetish Fantasy Extreme dong come from?

Are the "Bad Girl Vibrating Ass" and "The Gape-Her" both phthalates-free?

I just bought the Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Hollow Strap-On. However, it does not say anything about what it is made of. It is not made of Latex, is it?

I just bought the Fuck Me Silly 2 and would like to tell you that I think it's a great product. It's large enough to feel realistic and small enough to handle easily. 

Can I wash the Fanta Flesh with soap? They don't have your toy cleaner here, and I'd like to wash it with soap. If so, can I use mild hand soap, or should I use a Summer's Eve type of women's intimate soap?

Do I just rub the cream onto my cock and leave it? And if so, how much do I put on? 

How do you use the Hard Rock Power Cream?

How long do you pump when using a pussy pump?

How do you put on the Girth Gainer Plus?

Are there any side effects when using Sex Shots Ultra?

Your products were featured on You Porn Spice 103 on Sirius, and they talked about a slave mask that makes them a live urinal. What product was that?

Is it safe to ejaculate wearing a cock ring?

Is there a pill or a cream used to extend the penis in length and girth permanently? How many inches does it add?

Can you use the Mr. Big 8" Hollow Strap-On without the white plastic tube? I'm not the biggest, but I'm a little afraid that I damage my "tool" when I get a hard-on during use. 

Does the "Latin Lover 3" contain latex?

How do you use the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy? And how can I receive an instruction manual for this device?

I'm out of toy cleaner. Is there anything I can use at home until I can get more?

Is the Pipedream Extreme Juicy Cyber Snatch supposed to have 2 holes? Like one where you are supposed to stick your penis in and a random one in the back?

How big is the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Slut Mega Masturbator? Is it bigger than the Fuck me Silly 2?

How to properly use male enhancement pump?
Ours came with no operating instructions. We don't know if we are using correctly.
Erection only last as long as penis is inside tubing. What good is that?

Dow do you apply rock hard power cream? Does it only go on certain areas or everywhere? 

I recently purchased the Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator, and I was wondering if the Fanta Flesh body is compatible with standard massage-oil, because the Fanta Flesh body is REALLY starting to feel good when in a wet it's wet

Thanks you guys...

Who is the model on the box of Finally Miley doll?

How long at a time to wear a pump & why is it hard to take off my penis. It goes in ok, but when releasing the pump, it's hard to take off because my penis is enlarged please help me. Tony

One more question about your Metal Worx products -- are they completely smooth, do they have any seams?

How safe are your Metal Worx products? What type/grade of stainless steel do you use?

What are the complete inner dimensions of this hollow dildo? also what size waist will the harness fit up to?
PD3947-21 Flesh

I bought spanish fly natural flavor, how is the best way to used?

I bought a Beginners Pump how does it work and how many times a day do you use it?

What is the best way to clean the vibrating hallow strapon without damaging it?

Do penis pumps increase your size permanently?

I need operation instructions for a Rabbit Pearl (thrusting) PD 1680-11. No instructions. All vibs working but cant figure out how to get thrusting & spinning motion to work.. Can u instruct? Thank you.

Who's the Cyber Snatch Deluxe girl?

Are all Pipedream products Phthalate free?

Is the fanta flesh sleeve compatible with silicone oil?

who's the model f@ uck my big fat titties?


I bought the silicone extension and was curious to know if it will prevent pregnancy like a condom. It is very thick, but I don't know about pore size. if not, how can I use it to prevent pregnancy?


How to use the power pump the proper use and when you can use it again after you use it i need some detail to how to use it this power pump thank you.

Can you legally pack a sex toy in your luggage and check it in on an airplane flying within the United States ?

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Questions for Fuck Me Silly 3. 
1. What about front of the legs, are they flat? 
2. Can I fold this 90 degree?

I purchased the Fuck Me Silly pussy and ass, very wonderful product to say the least. My question is about the corn starch, is this a must? Whats it for? Will something bad happen if I dont powder this naughty little booty down? 

Is there a way to make my Fuck Me Silly vibrate?

I was recently at an ADI Novelties demo show. I spoke to the Pipedreams rep about a recent Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator purchase. She advised me that there was a huge following and a website of customers who talked about their encounters with the toy. I thought that it was, but it's not. What is it? 

Are there any difference in the Wall Banger products? The Bunny vs The Beaver etc.?

What is the name of the girl on the first. fuck me silly mega masturbator?

I just purchased the 5 Function PE Vibe, and I was just wondering what the product was made of, so I could know properly what to use to clean it. Thank you

Can you explain exactly what Phthalate-free means?

What product helps give a penis a perminate growth?

I noticed on the page for Fuck Me Silly #3 it talks about putting her in stockings. But it appears that the feet are molded together. Will the legs separate enough to accomodate stockings, pantyhose, or panties?

Hi, I bought Spanish Fly Pina Colada, my questions is - it´s safe to use with my wife or are there side efects or risk to use?

how do you use a pussy pump?

I downloaded your extreme catologe to get a close look at item RD176-00 Fuck me Silly Masturbator. And how can you order one? Off the website or the cataloge. There doesn't seem to be any info how too?

I just purchased a Shock Therapy unit from your company and wanted to know what the best places are to place the pads on a male? There was no information in the box or on the site so far as I can see so I wanted to ask directly. Thank you,

I bought the blue neon luv touch vibrator today at Spencer's. It said that you need 3 AA batteries and when I tried inserting them, only two will fit. And I can't get the thing going. Please help

How do I clean my neon jr. G- spot softee? Can the rubber come off it looks like there is something in there. Also how waterproof is it? I put it in the water and t felt like it shocked me.

I have the Fuck Me Silly 2 and I love it, but I was wondering what is the best way to get it and keep it warm. Putting in a tub of warm to hot water works, but is it hurting the matrial? It is too cold to use otherwise.

I just got a blow up doll & have no idea how to fill it up with air. I tried blowing into the air hole but it doesnt seem like any air is going in and the hole doesn't look like any air can get in. Do I have make my own hole?

I have a britney love doll. She has a leak! How do I patch the hole?

Is Mr. Thick Dick safe to use with condoms?

What is in the rock hard cream? Is it edible? Has it been known to cause vaginal irratation?

how does mr.thick dick work

Comments ( 1 )

I read this on a answer asked about the FMS2 when asked if submerging it in water would harm it. I read that the Fuck Me Silly Mega Pussy and Ass RD174-00 has the foam core so am I to assume that submersion of this item for cleansing would harm it?
Our Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator is made entirely of Fanta Flesh, unlike the original, which had a foam core. With the first one, submerging it under water could have had a negative effect because water could seep into the foam core

My hubby has ed. Would he be stimulated as well if he uses a hollow strap on? If not are there any toys that would stimulate us both? He doesn't seem to like anal. If there are no toys for us both, what toy will work for him since he has ed?

What is your Luv Touch coating made of? Is it phthalate free PVC or something else?

How to use Mr Thick Dick (penis enlarger cream)?

I recently bought the Classix Vibrating Power Pump, and I love it, but I am having trouble getting my penis out of the sleeve without pulling the sleeve off the pump and the sleeve staying around my penis. What do you suggest to help me release from the pump smoothly with my erection still in tact?

Is the Basix 8™ Suction Cup Dong dishwasher safe?

I recently purchased a neon glass vibrator and cannot get the glass sleeve to stay on or keep it from buzzing EXTREMElY loudly. Did I miss a step in putting it together and/or do you have any suggestions? I noticed clear rubber bands but do not know where they go, anywhere I tried putting them did not help, and one of them broke. I just want to enjoy this without it sounding like a chainsaw! Thanks!


Do you have open mouth gag biger then 1 1/2 in diameter?

Can the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Machine be used for anal sex?

I just got sexy shots spanish fly for her and I wanted to know is this just for energy or does it also help the libido???? Do you drink the whole shot at onece???

How do you use Rock Hard power cream?

Hi, I looking for a penis sleeve for me and my girl friend. I've been looking at the Mega Stretch Silicone Girth Gainer, and more importantly, the Girth enhancer with the testicle strap and vibe. I've also seen the wittle rabbit one too and many others. What are your highest selling, and opinion on them? I have 4.5 inch girth so not very thick and am 6 inches long. Thanks :)

Do I have to wash off the Rock Hard Power Spray before I have sex?

I need the ingredients of the Glycerine Free Moist lubricant.

Where do the batteries go in the WOW! Vibrator No.1?

Does "Sex Water" actually work? If so how long does it take to have an effect? I cant find anything on the site about that it just says what it says...which is not very helpful.

I just bought the Classix G-Spot Softee and was just wondering if it was safe to use in the bath, waterproof. :) Thanks, Kim

Are there other attachments available for the Shock Therapy kit?

I want to know how to use the Potent Developer for men the correct way.

I have the antibacterial toy cleaner (the blue one), and I dont know if I have to rinse it after using, or if my toys are clean with the product on its own.

Can you please tell me what lubricants are ok with Fanta Flesh? Can I use massage oils? What about lubes containing glycerin? Or does it have to be just water-based lubricants only? Thanks.

I have 2 questions about the original Fuck Me Silly masturbator. I can't tell from the pics if I would be able to dress it in a pair of panties is this possible with out it looking unrealistic? Also, can you describe or show a diagram of how the insertions are shaped/lined? Too many times I have found good looking toys with cheap uncomfortable ribbing inside. Thank you!

Is it ok to wear a condom with a strapon? Will it break? Is lube needed if so what kind?

Can you use the Fetish Shock Therapy unit with only 2 pads? - Jon

Help me understand the Electro Theraphy concept. Do you turn it on for self stimulation and or intercourse? What is the purpose? Does it increase the senses or add a pleasure pain concept to love making? Who it the target for the use of this? Are there videos about this? It looks interesting.

What type of batteries does the neon bullet take

Is it safe to heat or cool the Icicles No. 16... the one that vibrates? If so, what is the best way to do this?

I ordered the Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy and can not figure out how to work it at all. We can turn it on but can not select a mode or any thing. Could you please email me some detailed instructions. Thanks! Jena

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Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe: May I know the size of the probe and the type of required battery? Thanks.

I've recently purchased the Waterproof Chocolate Wall Banger, and for the life of me cannot figure out how to put the batteries in right and get the vibrator to turn on. How do I get it to work? I can't get any of your videos to work on my Blackberry, so I'd appreciate just a how-to in writing. Also, I am one of those unlucky women whose clit becomes painfully sensitive when trying to achieve an orgasm through stimulation (i.e. with a bullet vibe or fingers); is there anything you can suggest in that regard? I've been having a hard time finding adequate info on the matter. Thanx. - Alyssa

I have a Deluxe Wall Banger is it safe to clean it with soap and water? And is a condom safe to put on it? If so, what kind of condom? - JC

purchased a fetish fantasy series shock therapy and can not make it work. have went exactly by the instructions and it will not turn on. is there some secret as to how to make this work?

Will using the Fuck Me Silly 2 in the bath have any negative effects on it? - Ian

How do i use the Mr Thick Dick Cream? There's no instructions with it.

On the Fuck Me Silly 2, are the boobs soft, squeezable and jiggly or are they hard with the Fanta Flesh material over them? 

With the Are there any operating instructions for the shock therapy unit.We can't get any changes to happen with the screen

I need a plus size strap on ... I am a size 18 woman jeans. What can you recommend? - Jennifer

Im curious about the Mega Masturbater. Does it have a drainage hole? I kind of prefer it dont have one. Also are you making any more different styles of it? Maybe make one where the "legs" are not closed together? - Wes


How can I use the Mr. Thick Dick cream? I don't see instructions.

My question is about Fuck Me Silly 2. There aren't any internal specs on the item. For instance, the length and the width of the openings. It would be nice to know before i by one. Thank you, Ben

Do you offer additional attachments for the inflatable love lounger? - Lyssa

I have a Basix Rubber Works dong and I would like to know what lubes are safe to use with it? Silicone, oil based, water based? Thanks

I can't figure out how to open the Lil' Mini Vibe, i have been trying for half and hour and cant find any way to twist it that makes it open... please help me! I just bought it yesterday at a store that doesn't accept returns so I don't want to have wasted the money!

Fuck Me Silly vs. Fuck Me Silly 2: I want to know which one would be a better buy, and also if you could post a video to demonstrate the jigglyness of the titties? - Fred

How does one use the Penis Developer Pump from Pipedreams Products? Explain step by step to use it effectively, thanks.

How to use Penis Developer Pump from Pipedreams Products?? Can you please explain step by step how to use it effectively??

I bought the tantric tongue 2 and I know it's made out of jelly, but is it supposed to have an oily feel out of the box? Also I know it's not considered waterproof but it can get somewhat wet right, I mean you can wash it without immersing it right?
- Dawn

Hi, I got a luv touch rainbow vibe today and I have no idea how to insert the batteries. I've tried all 4 ways and with a different set of batteries too. Help! :(

I recently purchased the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator and have to say that the Fanta Flesh material imitates human skin quite well. I was wondering if Pipedream Products had any plans on manufacturing a product similar to that of the Kimberly Williams Pleasure-skin breasts in the future? I have experienced both Pleasure-skin and Fanta Flesh and believe that if you were to create a breast toy using your material, it would quickly become very popular. I certainly would buy it. =] - Danny

I recently purchased the spanish fly sweet cherry 1oz bottle. I read on here to drink one serving. Is that the whole bottle if not exactly how much should one take?

What is the graduated girths on your 8.5'' twister? I wanted to know so if i cant take the last one, I'll know what middle ground i need to work to. thanks!

Is there any way you can compare the Fuck Me Silly Masturbator with the Cyberskin Perfect Ass? Which one gives better sensations, which has the most realistic feeling and appearance, which is tighter, etc?

Can Sex Shots be taken while drinking alcohol?

I have a question about your spanish fly product(s) PD 9540-71. My husband would like to know if it works or if its sold as a novelty item.

How do i use a penise pump and how long of sessions do i do and how often? Do I get it pump up to the size i want and leave it in the pump ?

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Are the Agent 69 and the Authentic Hannah Harper Sex Doll phthalates free? 

I had prostate cancer. They removed my prostate now my penis wont get erect. is there anything i can get to use no my wife? She loves my penis but it wont get hard.

PD2189-00 Fetish Fantasy Series Strap-On For Him 2 things: batteries included, phthalates free. Also I'm featuring models: do I need to do a 2257 Compliance for them. Is there anyway to tag the models for names? These are great shots and how to use is answered by displaying the images. Thank you so much for your help. Kathy

With a jelly dong, what chemicals or solutions should be avoided? Is mild soap and water alright for cleaning?

We purchased an Inflatable Love Lounger from you and love it. Unfortunately I left the switches on for the removable sex machine and it doesn't work now. Is it possible to buy that part separately and if so how much. Thank you, Jackie

Are either of the dongs that come with the Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Pad (PD2168-00) compatible for beginners anal use? If not, can other dongs be attached. Also,is the base of the Stealth Butt Plug (PD2800-23) small enough that wile in place, one can sit in a chair? Thank-you, Rob 

Hey, I am looking into purchasing your Next Generation Turbo Stroker, but don't see anything about the measurements. Can you help me out? - Mick

I am allergic to latex. I have never used a TPR product. Does it contain Latex?

Why aren't all angles of a product photographed and posted on web pages? IE. The flat sides that have vent holes or whatever. I think all sides should be displayed, and not only photos of a box that's the worst. 

What happen if I accidently flush water into the air flow area of the Fuck Me Silly masturbator...and how to make it dry?

How does a woman use a pussy pump properly? My wife wants the additional sensitivity, but not with permanently changing her appearance. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks

How do I use the Hollow Strap-On? Any videos or pics teaching positions & utilization?

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Cant stop premature ejaculating. Any ideas? I have also recently had an increase in footjob fantasies. My girlfriend doesnt like to give footjobs, so what can i do to fulfill out fantasies by myself?

Fanta Flesh vs Cyberskin material! What is more realistic?

We have just purchased one of your products, it didn't come with an instruction manuel & we are a bit concerned about how we take the dong out of it without tearing the material it is made out of. The product we bought is the "Size Queenz Hollow Strap On. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanking You Karen MacGregor

I ordered the Fetish Remote Wireless Vibrator, and the remote does not work, I was wondering if I could order the remote by itself. Product #3450-00 Plus Size Remote control fantasy panty.I checked it out when I receive it, worked fine, when I was ready to use it about a month later the remote would not work, bought new battery still did not work. Do not remember who I bought it from, it was over the internet

Is there any way you could make holes deeper for the "Fuck Me Silly Masturbator" (the first one) if I buy it here? In one question in "sexperts" section, someone says the product is 14 inches deep, but then when you look at the internal pictures, you can see it is about half of that size (a lot smaller). I'd like to buy this product, but I need it to be 9 inches deep, so can it can be done? - Keith

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I purchased the Luscious Lips Pussy Masturbator. How do you clean it and also is it designed to wear with condoms or with lotion of some kind? - Michael

Hey, I just purchased the Jelly Doubly Dong (red/ 16" or 18" not sure). When we opened the package we noticed a strong chemical scent and tasted the toy, it's very spicy and almost leaves a burning sensation in the mouth. I'm quite hesitant to use the Dong elsewhere on my body without asking if this is normal and if not how to rectify the issue. Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks! Arden

Is there a lotion such as "head job" which has the taste of chocolate? My significant other would suck me off completely if the lotion lasted for a considerable time and tasted like chocolate. - Jay

Who is the totally awesome bearded dude on the YouTube videos? - J.S.

How do you use Rock Hard Power Cream?

Hi I just got my Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator, I'm just wonder can i recolor to make it more life like, and what can I use? Thanks 

What kind of lube should i use for glass toys? What is the best way to make sure anal sex is clean? - Jerry

Hi, I just bought The Expander Inflatable Butt Plug. I have a problem. With each squeeze of the pump ball, the plug inflates a little, but does not retain its pressure, because the air keeps escaping from the rear hole of the ball. I think the problem is with the valve that lets air flow in both directions. If I press the valve button it releases its pressure, but there is no way the plug retains its pressure. Can you help me...

Bought shock therapy fantasy series and it dose not work. How can I return for a new one that does work?

Hi, I just purchased your black Vibrating Prostate Stimulator and I have had no luck at having a full body orgasm. Is there any tips or instructions you can give me on how to use this toy properly? Thanks.

My wife has a Pipedream Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet and the motor in the bullet or the wire to it has failed. Is there any way to buy a replacement bullet? We bought one of a different brand with the same connector from a local store but the quality was terrible compared to yours. - Don

Hello, this is something I've been pondering for a while, Do you think Pipedream will ever recreate, using entirely fantaflesh, like the Fuck Me Silly, but with no foam core to add heaviness, a masturbator that replicates Cherokee D'ass the same way? Or maybe just a bigger and heavier black 3D masturbator than the Fuck Me Silly, maybe wider and thicker? Just an idea, I own the regular fuck me silly, but I wouldn't mind something like what I just said. - David

If I decide to order the Pecker Candles PINK and PURPLE how can I? I found them on your site but then they are not in company store or outlet mall link. Thank You. - Natasha

Does Mr. Thick Dick cream work? How long does it take. - Scooter

What material is the Rainbow Rabbit made of? Any latex? Thanks! - Li

Is the Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator made completely out of Fanta Flesh, or just some parts?

Is the fetish shock therapy safe for use on my testicles/scotum/balls?

Can you tell me the specific care and cleaning of the Pipedream Extreme Real-Feel Waterproof Vibe (with balls). 
Thank you, 

I have been waiting months for the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy to come into stock again. I am wondering when it will finally be available. Thanks Judson

Do you have any wall-bangers for male use? Battery operated, somewhat slim, not too long but having vibrations as well as forward and backward movement. Also I just bought your Classix Love Doll. It is terrible even to look at; nothing at all like the cover picture. It is impossible to inflate even tho I have used a two-way air pump. Any solutions?

How do I use the spanish fly? Thanks!

I recently purchased the Extreme ATM Machine from Pipedream, and I would like to know the proper way to clean it. It is difficult to get all the way inside the doll for cleaning, and I would like to be able to keep it clean. Thank you.

Hola! Can I use pure cornstarch baby powder instead of regular grocery brand cornstarch on my Fanta Flesh product? The 3 main ingredients in it in order are: (1) Zea Mays Starch (corn), (2) Tricalcium Phosphate, and (3) Fragrance (Parfum). I already have a vast supply of it so it would be convenient if it would be safe to use it. Gracias! Please let me know!

I was wondering how to incert the batteries into model number PD1124-00, the military issue mini vibe. It didn't come with insturctions yet it says it needs batteries and I can't figure out any place I can put them without feeling like I'm going to break it.

How do I insert batteries into the Neon Mini Mite Vibrator? I twisted open the compartment, and a spring fell out. I don't know how to put it back in in the correct spot/how to put in the battery. - Gab

I have ED and am looking for a hollow strap on. If I do get hard - unfortunately not always the case I need six and a half inches for my penis inside. Which strap on do you recommend?

How do you use the Mr Thick penis enlarger cream?

Can the Fuck Me Silly 2 Tits and Pussy be turned over like the Mega Pussy and Ass? Can you add at least one pic of the bottom/back to the item page. Reading over the faqs I saw one person asked for that and a size comparison pic, and the flickr page has the size comparison but not the pic of the backside of the product. Also what is the insertable length? Lastly is there any problem with tearing between the two passages? I am over 2.5in diameter/about 8in cir. and I have torn other products (at least over time) which is why I'm asking. Thank You

My fiance just bought me the Glitz. Its our first toy together and I just want to know the most effective way to use it... it didn't come with instructions.

I was just wondering if your shock therapy kit can be used with some of the other companies attachments being as how your selection is fairly limited? Or maybe there is an adapter available? Thank you.

Hi, I am curious about the mega masturbator #2. It appears to be very big yet weighs only 12 lbs, also it is only shown from the front side and not the back. Can you provide some different pictures so i can get a better view of the product? -Thanks

What if your Fanta Flesh product is too big to keep it stored in an air tight plastic bag or container? How else can you keep it stored in order to help lengthen the lifespan of the product?

Can fanta flesh wash with soap? If I wash it with soap, what will happen?

Can I use "Johnson's Baby Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder" on the Fuck me silly mega masturbator? The ingredients for it are: Zea Mays Starch (corn), Tricalcium Phosphate, Fragrance (Parfum. Would this work as an alternative to Cyberskin Renew or Grocery brand Corn Starch or will it hurt/destroy the toy? - Zach

For the Shock Therapy Kit, will you be getting larger pads? I cant complain, but I would like bigger pads. I've seen other electro boxes with butterfly pads and they look interesting so just wondering if it will always have the smaller pads or will there be bigger ones the future.
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Can cockrings hurt you? - Andrew

can we wash fuck me silly mega masturbator with soap?

Please provide instructions on inserting batteries into the Silicone P.E. Vibe Large. PD 2702-14. None are included in the packaging and the item is not labeled. I believe I have tried all 4 possible ways with no results.

I want an inexpensive wireless remote vibe for my hubby to use on me. What is the bext one for under $25. I know I get what I pay for but money is tight.

How do you clean fuck me silly mega masturbator?

What kind of rubber is the waterproof wallbangers deluxe beaver vibrator made out of?

Is the liquid love strawberry warming massage lotion edible?

How do I turn on Waterproof Glitz Vibrator?

We had been given information about your products made w/ Fanta Flesh in that they are 'not' truly phthalates free and to avoid using them? Since we love your products, we wanted to go straight to the source to find out for ourselves. We currently have some of your products but would like to purchase some of your latest offerings but need to know if they are safe to use while trying to conceive or while pregnant. Our Doc told us to avoid products with phthalates altogether. She did not say anything derogatory about your products and actually wanted to know too so that when other couples ask this very same question she can turn them on to your products if they are a safe answer as well. She suggested we email you directly. Thanks so much for your time to read our email. We are just looking for some honest answers and hopefully we get a response back this time. :) Thanks! Chris & Cathy

Does the Mega Pussy and Ass have a strong odor. I owned a TLC Featherweight Cyberskin product and it smelled so strong I threw it away.

Is the Fuck Me Silly product textured in the love canals? Are the two love canals really only one that splits for the vagina and anal or are they tow completely separate love tunnels?

I can't figure out how to use Cockring # PD2201-15 in red. It wont lock! Please give instructions..thanx!

Is the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator (Item #: RD174-00), solid or hollow in the middle like the TLC Cyberskin perfect ass?
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I purchased the hemp stay erect cream and I don't think I used it properly, because it caused me to go limp right in the middle of having sex, I may not have used it right though. Would my girlfriends sensitive cream have any thing to do with it, or could it be the fact that i put it on, then went straight to having sex. Or could it be where we mixed the two whie we were doing it. Thanks for your time and help!



I am writing about the Fetish Fantasy Series BIG Daddy Hollow 10" Strap-On (Item #: PD 3941-23) Is this a good dildo and does it stay in place? How much does it cost?

Should I use BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy if pregnant? Thanks, Abby

I have a wall banger deluxe. I can't figure out how to turn it on. I know this sounds silly but I put in the batteries facing each direction I can think of but still nothing. Can you help pls?

I brought something called Rock Hard. It is a spray. How do i use it? I want to know how to use it properly before buying.

I recently bought a Rabbit Pearl Ultra with metal balls on April 23, 2010 and used it twice, the shaft that moves the balls is not working. Is there a warranty on this product?

Hi, I am selling your rubba-wear leggings on ebay and was asked by a lady the following question... "Hi, can you tell me how deep the crotch is? As in are they low or a high wearing tight. Thanks....Julie" If you could provide me with an answer that would be great, thanks. David

I bought the PD2957-11 from an online retailer because it was listed in their pyrex glass section. The box doesn't read anything about pyrex and it's made in china. Are their glass making standards equal to ours (ie-lead content etc.)?

How long should the initial charge and/or subsequent charges for the Wanachi rechargeable massager be to insure maximum battery usage? Approximately how much usage should be expected before another charge is required?

How deep are the holes on the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator and are they ribbed or smooth?

Ok here goes it's a crazy question both wife and I want to know. I bought a penis pump and a cockring. The question is how do I use these items for pleasure. I'm a small guy and I'm trying to get girth and length over time will the pump work for this. Thank You for your help. Michael

I tried to send in a comment but it says invalid inquery. Why?

How do you use a penis pump?

My husband is getting very frustrated with coming in less than 5 minutes after starting. He is 32 years old. No health issues. We have tried cock rings and creams for prolonging with no results. what can u suggest?

I'm tired of masturbating with my hands. I've never used anything else and am curious about using one of your oral simulators, specifically the "New Oro Stimulator Vibe". I'm looking for a new sensation but am a natural skeptic about these kinds of products. I'm an older guy (late 50's) and my member is rather small, even when erect, (my diabetes hasn't helped here). I'd like to know if this products is suitable for men with small penises and whether this product works as advertised. Thanks!

How do I use the warming massage oil?

My question is about MR.THICK DICK product. A friend of mine advised me if I use this product twice a day for three months I will get a permanent penis enlargement, is that true or not? If it is true, I am 35 years old, does age matter?

I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't seem to assemble my sex stool correctly. I can snap it together easily without the two straps on, however, once i slip them on, it won't snap together. It's like the straps are too short or something. I have tried every possible combination and the place I purchased from doesn't allow returns on opened packages of such an item. Please tell me what to do!

I bought sex shots ultra. Do I drink the whole vial or how does it work?

I have ED, and recently purchased your product PD1911-12 Purple Strap on. What it is made of? Is it Silicon or rubber or jelly? Is it phathelet and latex free. Condoms are also made of latex, and I had nor problem with that, I mean I am not allergic to latex. Do I need to wear a condom over the dong or can use just by applying a water based lubricant like KY? If I use without condom will it cause any problem to my female partner? Will its frequent use cause any penile problem like ruptured blood vessel, hemorrhage, and hematoma formation for me? How to clean this product. Simply by soap or use any special chemical KA

Do we have any updates on when the Shock Therapy replacement pads will come out? I am looking forward to getting some. Thanks. Josh
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What is the Real Feel Beginner's Dong made from? Thanks, Paul

I ordered a Jelly Chocolate Dream vibrator that says it is for external use only and not for frequent use. What does this mean? Mary.

Do the Luv Touch vibes have latex?

On 12/14/09 I ordered a Silicone Fun Vibes Twist from for $28.99. After only a few uses, it overheated, & part of it melted! Eden has a time limit on returns, & they suggested contacting you. This unit was defective & obviously unsafe. I'd like a replacement. Gary D.

How exactly does one use PD2213 Quick Release Cock Ring? I honestly do not know what goes where. Many thanks

How do you clean Rubba-wear outfits?

Is the 'Big Ass Pussy' the best realistic vagina you have? Are the channels ribbed or not ribbed?

I recently purchased the Cyber Snatch Deluxe masturbator and I was wondering on how to clean it properly without damaging it. I read it was supposedly able to be turned inside out but I don't want to try that and rip my new toy. What do I do?

Hi. I recently bought a hand nipple pump with little black o-rings. It seems like it's not avail. on your sight right now. Anyways, I was wondering how long to wear them for to get bigger nipples and what the correct way to use the product is?

How do you properly use the rock hard power cream?

I bought a 7 heaven rabbit and used it 3 times and the shaft that moves the balls broke is there a warranty on your products

We have one of your 7" vibrating swirl vibrators. We bought it and have yet to use it. When we removed it from the package it had a very strange smell. We have tried to wash it to no avail. The significant other wont let it near her until the smell is gone. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

Do the spanish flys' really work?

What is the best extension you have?

how waterproof are waterproof vibrators. bath & submerged or just shower use?

Where can I buy the new Basix flesh 8" & 9" suction cup thicky? Can not find any online.

I purchased the Remote control Waterproof Bullet (PD2670-12). My question is this for external use or can it be inserted vaginally? Thanks

I just purchased a rubber dong. It has a slippery film on it, do i need to clean it off before use? How do i care for it and store it?

I was at a novelty store recently and was looking at your psychadelic black light sex kit. It is not listed on your site, and I am allergic to latex. Please let me know what the accessories are made of so that I know if I am safe to use this product. Thanks so much, Ash

I'm unsure how to use sure grip. Do i squirt it up my vagina or do i rub it on the out side of my clitoris, please explain?????

I recently purchased the Fetish Fantasy Series Perfect Position Handles for shower fun. Any ideas on some fun unique ways to use these?

Where can i find a full size harness with life like dildo?

Can you tell me what your whips are made of? I'm a vegan and don't want to use anything leather and I see your whips mostly say leather but i am not sure. Can you let me know?

Do diffrent lubes chemically react with some of the different toys?

Can you explain to me how the sex shots products work? Is it just an energy drink similar to red bull, et al or is it more like an herbal ecstasy drink?

I just purchased a Waterproof Mini-Mite the day before Valentine's Day, and the motor is already burned out! I like the discreetness of it, in fact, I'd like my bf to put it in his pants pocket while we slow dance...but I need a reliable motor :)

So she and I want a new toy that will help me get the great explosions she gets. We are looking at the Silicone p.e. vibe large blue, same small black, Silicone P.E. Vibe Purple (both of us) P.E. 5 Function Vibe Black. We are both 5'6" tall. There is a difference in design on these. Which will do the most for me?

Hi, I bought a Heart of Glass strap on and want to replace the glass dildo with a rubber/latex toy, do u sell anything to replace it?

I just bought The Royal Rabbit Kit at a local store and was wondering if there is a warranty? If so, where do I register?

How can I get a couple of BEATIN' BARACK wind-ups online?

Hi! I have a customer wanting to purchase the FF Electro Therapy kit, but was wanting to know if there are replacement sticky pads for sale? Or if taken care of properly, should the ones that come with it last?

I have the original Beyond 2000. My favorite option is the fourth clitoral vibrator setting in which it ramps up and down. Does the new model PD1706-01 provide this stimulation as well?

What is the correct way to put on your product called Mega Stretch Silicone Penis Extension Clear?

Hi. I am in the market for a strap on toy, and am considering the rabbit pearl product. However, I have never used this type of toy before (this will be my first experience with another girl) and wanted to know if this will stay in place while wearing and if you would recommend starting out with another product first.

I just rec'd the Wow 2 and there is no info in there at all about the product at all and I cannot figure out how to put the batteries in. Can you help at all on this one?

I purchased your "10-Function Remote Control Fantasy Panty". There are no directions on how to run the remote. I can get it to work but not sure how to know when it is running or off other than to feel it.. is there a secret as to how to know what mode it is in? It will be embarrassing to have to ask my g/f each time if it is on or not

I bought Sex Water Stamina and I don't know how to use it. How much should I drink?

Hi there, I am an old fashion girl who does not believe in making the first move when its comes to relationships, right now i am not involved with anyone and its been 4 years now. My body aches to have a man playing rough with my body but I do not wish to have just any man. I want a man who will also love me but what do I do with these feelings in the meantime?

What is the best bang for your buck male masturbator?

Hi, what material is the butterfly on the PD1906-00 Classix Butterfly Strap-On? Thanks for your help!

I need to know before I take one...

In order for me to know how to properly clean and take care of the vibe, what material is the Luv touch rainbow vibe made out of?

What could I get him to not hurt his feelings?

A few years ago I bought a Pipedream rabbit, and it's time for a new one but I can't seem to locate it here or anywhere else.

Does the chain add to the sensation of them?

Lookin' for replacement vibes for the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Love Lounger

How do I clean it with the cord in the vibrator?

...but I have a question about the batteries...
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And I can't figure out how to put it in. Can you help me?

I thought I'd ask you before I do.

Can you tell me the difference between the two?

I was wondering, what is the correct way to use anal beads?

Do you have them with a built-in butt plug?

How do I put on Rubba Wear?

What are they for? Setting the mood? Dripping on my sweetie? Making Brazilians with a landing strip?

Any suggestions what my wife and I should do?

I really don't want to use just a regular pillow, either.

How can I use the Classix Power Pump?

what butt plug is right for a guy?
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Would you by any chance have an idea of where I should go or what I should do?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! Have no fear! There IS a G Spot! Honest!
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I have the Lovers Cocktail espresso martini but don't know how to use it.

I just bought a Fanta-Flesh vibrator and love it but how do I clean it?

I need to know if the Super Cyber Snatch penis pump is made with latex?

My girlfriend is hesitant about receiving anal sex and I've always wanted to try this with her. What toys would be good to use? What kind of lube? Help!

I bought the Rookie of the Year Pump and i wanted to know where exactly to cut it to make it feel better when using it.

I am emailing to tell you that i really love this product it came in the mail the other day, i am so grateful i found this wonderful product, for sex/masturbation sessions. But i am a little worried though, i have an inflamed prostate/prostatitis.

I bought one of your products, with product-code PD1654-12 Purple, ut I still can't get it to turn on.

I just purchased a Discreet G "Multi-speed" vibe for my girlfriend but we can't seem to adjust the speed.

I was wondering if you could tell me how the rock hard power spray works. Where do you spray it???

Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me the waist size of the following product. I am very wide around the hip area & my waist isn't the smallest, but I am very interested in the product. Thanks. PD3353-23 Black Leather Crotchless Strap-On with Dildo

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