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Icicles - PDPOP2 Shelf-N-Shop Icicles Retail Merchandising System

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Retail Merchandising System

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Maximize Your Space, Maximize Your Profits!
From the company that brought you the industry’s first and only planogrammer software, we proudly present the Shelf-n-Shop System, an all-inclusive merchandising solution that will turn any wall into an instant profit center. Pipedream’s exclusive Shelf-n-Shop System will revolutionize the way you merchandise your retail store by taking the guesswork out of creating eye-catching POP displays. This inexpensive in-store system includes all the shelves, hardware, graphics, 3D signage, products, and testers you need to turn your ordinary wall into a high-profit destination. Don’t worry about installing difficult wall skins that can damage your slatwall—the non-permanent Shelf-n-Shop System can be moved around and customized to fit your retail space. All products and materials are shipped conveniently in a single box for easy setup, making installation a breeze in less than five minutes. Try our Shelf-n-Shop System today and watch the products fly off the shelves!

System Includes:
• 32 Icicles (2 of each style)
• 2 Tester Units (PD2869 & PD2881-00)
• 2 Tester Display Stands
• 1 Icicles 3D Header Sign
• 2 Backer Cards
• 2 Retail Shelves
• 4 Metal Shelf Brackets

Product Styles Included With This System:
PD2867-00 - Icicles No. 67  (x2)
PD2868-00 - Icicles No. 68  (x2)
PD2869-00 - Icicles No. 69  (x2)
PD2870-00 - Icicles No. 70  (x2)
PD2871-00 - Icicles No. 71  (x2)
PD2872-00 - Icicles No. 72  (x2)
PD2873-00 - Icicles No. 73  (x2)
PD2874-00 - Icicles No. 74  (x2)
PD2875-00 - Icicles No. 75  (x2)
PD2876-00 - Icicles No. 76  (x2)
PD2877-00 - Icicles No. 77  (x2)
PD2878-00 - Icicles No. 78  (x2)
PD2879-00 - Icicles No. 79  (x2)
PD2880-00 - Icicles No. 80  (x2)
PD2881-00 - Icicles No. 81  (x2)
PD2882-00 - Icicles No. 82  (x2)



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