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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition - CAT FFLE14 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Catalog

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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition

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When the blockbuster movie event of 2015 hits the big screen, will you have stock on the world's best-selling bondage line? With over 2 million units sold since the book's initial release, Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition continues to be the premiere introductory fetish collection in the world. The couples-friendly beginner assortment features something for everyone, from first-timer furry cuffs and hogties to silicone vibrating nipple clamps and feathers. Place your orders now and be the first to have stock when the media blitz hits early next year!

With our new Limited Edition 2014 catalog, we've added over 25 brand new musthaves to round out the collection, all tastefully packaged in our beautiful lifestyle boxes and competitively priced to sell. The entire line now features over 60 fetish best-sellers in a whole new shade, all part of an easy-to-merchandise planogram that includes complimentary signage and a beautiful 10" LCD digital video player. The free video player is the centerpiece of the planogram and will feature a looping four minute commercial showcasing the products used from the Limited Edition line. Together with the 60-piece planogram, this stunning wall display will create a welcome profit center in any retail environment!

Want to build your own customized Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition wall display to fit your retail space? Go to www.pipedreamplanogrammer.com to use our exclusive state-of-the-art software and start building. The intuitive approach will revolutionize the way you merchandise your store by allowing you to create custom planograms of your favorite Pipedream brands. Try featuring the Limited Edition line next to our Fetish Fantasy Gold and create the ultimate luxury bondage destination in your store.


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