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Jimmyjane - JJ10954 JIMMYJANE Indulgences
Jimmyjane - JJ10954 JIMMYJANE Indulgences

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All the essentials (and embellishments) for a spontaneous rendezvous.

This convenient all-in-one set offers both the essentials and the embellishments for a spontaneous rendezvous. Perfect for a weekend getaway, INDULGENCES can easily be slipped into any handbag, glove compartment or carry-on.

Two Proper Attire Condoms – Special edition design by Mara Hoffman
ICONIC BULLET Vibrator – Mini-yet-mighty, it adds zing wherever the hand roams
LOVE DECODER – A mischievous twist on a familiar game that points the way to pleasure
Feather Tickler – Designed to sensitize and tantalize
Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant – Long lasting and all natural


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