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Fetish Fantasy Extreme - PD3782-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8
Fetish Fantasy Extreme - PD3782-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8
Fetish Fantasy Extreme - PD3782-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8
Fetish Fantasy Extreme - PD3782-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8
Fetish Fantasy Extreme - PD3782-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme
8" Inflatable Vibrating Hollow
Silicone Strap-On
PD3782-23 Black

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The 8" Inflatable Vibrating Hollow Silicone Strap-On is the most extreme, most intense, most satisfying vibrating hollow strap-on ever developed! With just a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, the silicone outer sleeve inflates to epic ass-stretching proportions, giving your partner an amazing feeling of fullness that no other type of hollow strap-on can replicate! Then, choose a speed on the convenient hands-free controller and let the amazing vibrations tease and please your lover!

Unlike ordinary inflatable strap-ons that just hold air and get thicker, the 8" Inflatable Vibrating Hollow Strap-On is the go-to weapon for guys looking to increase their size, girth, and confidence while simultaneously stimulating their partner! Perfect for men suffering from ED or premature ejaculation, this hollow strap-on features a stiff 8" silicone dildo, an extra-large hollow opening, a medical-style pump ball complete with removable hose, and super-stretchy adjustable elastic straps.

Strategically hidden in the tip of the hollow strap-on is a super powerful multi-speed bullet engineered to deliver mind-blowing thrills with each pulsation! With a tapered head to ease insertion, this dual-layered dildo features our super-soft Elite Silicone™ on the outside, while the firm hollow inside features Luv Touch coating for exceptional comfort. The extra-wide 1.6" (4 cm) opening easily accommodates most sizes and feels great against your skin, and the adjustable harness fits waists up to 50" (127 cm).

Once you’ve penetrated your partner with your firm strap-on, pump-up the realistic silicone dildo until you’ve reached your desired girth before removing the detachable hose. Then choose a setting on the multi-speed dial and let the incredible vibrations whisk you both away! The inflatable silicone dildo maintains its thickness and fills your partner with the type of fullness they could only dream about! Our exclusive quick-release valve provides an air-tight seal that maintains dildo pressure until you depress the center release pin, allowing you to enjoy hands-free fun without worrying about the pump-ball and hose getting in the way. Once you’ve reached your desired size and pressure, simply press the middle pin on the quick-release valve and the inflatable strap-on will quickly deflate and return to its normal size.

If you’ve ever disappointed your partner with embarrassing midway letdowns or unexpected performance issues before, this hollow strap-on will let you finish the job on your own terms and guarantee satisfaction for both parties.

The phthalate-free Elite Silicone™ is body-safe, hygienic, super-smooth, and made to play hard. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream toy cleaner and warm water.

• Lifelike Outer Sleeve Inflates for Maximum Girth
• Soft Silicone Offers Ultimate Satisfaction
• Firm Hollow Shaft Can Be Worn By Any Gender
• Extra-Wide 1.6" (4 cm) Hollow Opening Fits Most Sizes
• Luv Touch Coating Inside Ensures Optimal Comfort
• Medical-Style Ball Pump with Removable Hose for Easy Cleaning
• Adjustable Elastic Harness with Hands-Free Controller Clip

Dildo Length: 8" (20 cm) 
Dildo Width: 2.3” (6 cm)
Inner Diameter: 1.6” (4 cm)
​Harness fits waists up to 50” (127 cm)

Phthalates Free Multispeed Multifunction Unisex


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