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Pipedream Products - PD4001-02 Universal Adaptor
Pipedream Products - PD4001-02 Universal Adaptor

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Universal Adaptor

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Pipedream’s Universal Adaptor is a compact, one piece adaptor, with 4 international plugs that can be used in over 150 countries around the world. It features a child protection safety switch, power indicator light and a surge protector. All prongs fold in to make it perfect for travel.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following instructions before use.

The Universal Adaptor supports the following standard plug types:
Plug “Type A” - used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan & more
Plug “Type C” - used in Europe, South America, Asia & more
Plug “Type G” - used in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore & more
Plug “Type I” - used in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China & more


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