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Pipedream Products

Redefining sexual intimacy and wellness since 1973.

Leading the Industry

Pipedream Products manufactures dozens of trusted brands sold in over 120 countries,
with 400+ Distribution and Retail partners spanning over six continents.

Product Design
Retail Support
Pipedream awards

Award Winning

Pipedream Products is a proud recipient of 100+ awards from prestigious industry sources and has received numerous AIGA, ID, and IDEA Design Awards.

pipedream distribution map

Globally Distributed

You can find Pipedream Products in shops in over 120 countries around the world. We proudly have over 400 Distribution and Retail partners to serve pleasure-seekers of every kind.

behind the camera on a television set

Trusted Partner for Mainstream Media

Pipedream’s products have been featured in countless TV shows, movies, newscasts, and magazines. Our award-winning products, brands, and trademarks have become part of today’s pop culture and consumer landscape. More mainstream publicity and exposure means customers always have Pipedream’s brands in mind.

various media outlet logos

Sample Product Placements


still image from


Rough Night Movie

still from the movie Rough Night

Columbia Pictures

Kourtney Kardashian

image from celebrity Kourney Kardashian


Real Housewives of Atlanta

still from The Real Housewives of Atlanta


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